Future Talks

All talks at Winchester Discovery Centre, Jewry Street 7.15 for 7.45 unless otherwise advertised.

Licensed bar serving hot drinks, cakes and snacks. No charge to attend. Contributions welcome.

20th May 2019 “Neutron stars: Laboratories for fundamental physics” – Dr Andreas Schmitt

Neutron stars are ultra-dense. Matter in their interior is very different from ordinary matter on earth or even from ordinary stellar matter. In the quest to understand properties of neutron stars we are pushing the boundaries of our knowledge of nuclear and particle physics. In this talk, I will give a pedagogical introduction to dense matter inside neutron stars and discuss how researchers attempt to “look inside” the star, i.e., how astrophysical observations can be connected with microscopic and fundamental properties of matter.

2004          PhD at Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany
2005-2007 Postdoctoral positions at MIT in Cambridge, USA, and Washington University in St Louis, USA
2007-2015 Postdoc and Assistant Professor at Technical University Vienna, Austria
2015 –       Ernest Rutherford Fellow and Associate Professor (since 2019) at University of Southampton and STAG research centre

3rd June 2019 “ Nanostructured Materials” Alex Robertson

1st July  2019 “Driving-us-closer-to-greener-transport: sustainable lightweight composites” Professor Hom Nath Dhakal

5th August  2019 “Designing cycleways” Helen Littler

2nd September 2019  – “Fungi are more than just soup: An appreciation of a poorly understood kingdom”- Dr Stuart Skeates

7th October 2019 “Not so fantastic plastic.” Prof Andrea Russell