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Our YouTube Channel has recordings of past talks.

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We will open the Zoom meeting shortly after 7pm to give people ample time to get connected, settled in and chat. Please arrive by 7.25pm

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 A recording will be available after the event on our YouTube channel. If you prefer, you can watch live on YouTube, but with less participation

Mon 5th April 7.30pm “Cells & immunity” – Andrew Seber

How do human cells make immunity possible? Why are mutations important? What are B cells and T cells? Andrew Seber recaps and builds on his June 2020 talk on the basics of immunity, using his teaching experience to explain the background to a subject that has dominated the news for the past year. 

This is a follow on talk from last year’s “What is immunity” 

Mon 3rd May 7.30pm “5G and the Internet of Everything” – William Vine

We’ve had mobile phones for nearly 35 years. Why do we need ‘another’ G? How 5G be any different to the others? Will connecting ‘Things’ to the internet over 5G deliver the 4th Industrial Revolution?

Originally a chemist, William has worked in mobile technology for over 20 years. He has an eclectic interest in science communication and the history of science.

Mon 7th June 7.30pm “Blockchain, cryptocurrency and conservation” – Walid al Saqqaf

Mon 5th July 7.30pm “Enzymes against Plastics” – Prof John McGeehan