Future Talks

All talks at Winchester Discovery Centre, Jewry Street 7.15 for 7.45 unless otherwise advertised. Licensed bar serving hot drinks, cakes and snacks. No charge to attend. Contributions welcome.

Mon 6th March 2017 – Kris Strutt – “The Old Sarum Landscapes Project. Counterpoint Between Old Excavation Archives and New Survey Results”

The Old Sarum Landscapes Project has initiated a programme of archive research and fieldwork at the University of Southampton and the University of Swansea. Part of the project concerns new fieldwork at the site and in the surrounding landscape, and research in the excavation archives from the Society of Antiquaries excavations from 1910-1915, and the work of Musty and Rahtz in the 1950s. To date three seasons of archaeological survey has been conducted in and around the ancient monument of Old Sarum, complementing the ongoing documentary and archive research. This paper will present the latest results of the fieldwork, explaining the methodology that has been applied to date, and looking at some of the findings of the 2014-16 field seasons, including the results of geophysical survey in the outer bailey of Old Sarum, and the results of survey in the fields to the South and east of the monument, pointing to a long period of settlement in the Roman and medieval periods.

Mr Kristian Strutt is an Experimental Officer in Archaeology at the University of Southampton.
He specialises in archaeological mapping and geophysical survey, and is the Director of the Archaeological Prospection Services of Southampton unit, responsible for carrying out research survey work and applied archaeological geophysics. He previously worked as Camerone Assistant at the British School at Rome.
He has been involved in numerous research projects in Europe and further afield. These have included survey on the Portus Project, and surveys at Ostia Antica, Teano, Vignale, Capena, Vignale, Acilia and the Domus Aurea in Italy, surveys at Valencina de la Concepcion and the Guadiamar valley in Spain, and survey in Flanders, Northern France and Denmark. He has also been involved in research projects at Dura Europos in Syria, and archaeological survey at Schedia, Quesna and Kom el Ahmar in the Nile Delta, Egypt, and North Karnak in Upper Egypt, and directed the survey and excavation at Tidgrove Warren Farm in Hampshire, UK.

Mon 3rd April 2017 – Dr Natt Day –  “Your Body vs The Common Cold: the Ultimate Showdown”

Mon 1st May 2017 – Nikhil Mistry – “Bubble Dynamics”