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As our online world seems set to last for a while, we have been posting interesting science stories in our Facebook Group, where people can comment, discuss etc. But lots of our members are not keen on Facebook, so this is an alternative way to share some topical science stories.

You can reply to posts (subject to moderation) and suggest content by email. Regular contributors will be given direct access

Like this one about immunoevasion and trained immunity in Covid-19 https://www.frontiersin.org/…/fimmu.2020.580641/full

Winchester College links

Following this weeks fascinating virtual tour of historic science books in the Fellows Library at Winchester College, the College has supplied some useful links:

Info on the Fellows’ Library: https://www.winchestercollege.org/explore/archives-libraries-treasury/fellows-library – details of how to search the collection under ‘Catalogues’ at the end.

Info on Treasury (the school’s museum): https://treasury.winchestercollege.org

A recently published book about the College’s collections: https://treasury.winchestercollege.org/new-design/pages/forms/50-treasures-of-winchester-college-order-form-

Information on some highlights of the Science School collection: http://winchestercollections.co.uk/?collection_cat=science-collection

If you missed the talk or would like to see it again, go to youtube.com/w