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We meet at The Winchester Club (SO23 7AB), which is the large white building at the back of the Worthy Lane Car Park. All talks begin at 7.30pm unless stated otherwise.

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Monday 4th March
“Pliosaurs! Dinosaurs! And Birds!! Oh, my!”
Dr Neil J. Gostling

An artist's impression of two bipedal carnivorous dinosaurs fighting over a successful hunt.

Artwork credit: Anthony Hutchings, Concept Artist and Illustrator

The peculiar land of Oz had nothing on the Gostling Evolution and Palaeobiology Lab!  The scientific twister carries us from 21st Century Southampton back 100s of millions of years to unrecognisable worlds with beasts stranger and more terrifying than flying monkeys.

We study some of the major events through the history of life; everything from the origin of mammals to how birds took to the air, and the dinosaurs that roamed Mesozoic Britain.

We use CT scanning technology to delve into the internal anatomy of fossils, and soon will be using engineering techniques to study dinosaur bite forces.

Dorothy wouldn’t know what hit her if she arrived in our lab…

Dr Neil Gostling, a smiling, bearded scientist, sits next to Sir David Attenborough.

Dr Neil Gostling with Sir David Attenborough.

Dr Neil J. Gostling is Associate Professor of Evolution and Palaeobiology in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Southampton.

Neil did his PhD at the University of Reading looking at genes that pattern our nervous system, before moving to Bristol to study fossilised embryos of some of the earliest animals.  Recently Neil was in a BBC documentary, Attenborough and the Sea Dragon, and was lucky enough to meet and speak to Sir David Attenborough.

He lives in Southampton with his family, and, with his wife Claire, runs the Facebook group The Dinosaur on Your Window Sill.