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We are back at the newly renamed and refurbished Arc Winchester  (formerly the Discovery Centre) in Jewry St. 

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Mon 5th September 7.30pm Richard Beake “Nuclear fusion and the quest for Net Zero electricity”

We have a slowly deepening energy crisis which has become much more pressing since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The fundamental premise of our national electricity supply has been turned on its head but few people fully realise the implications. I will briefly describe some of the strategic issues facing us as the UK moves towards a Net Zero energy system and then mention some of the technology challenges to be addressed in the next few years. Finally, I will look forward to a possible future system including the ‘holy grail’ of energy, fusion power, and summarise the current status and hopes for fusion.

Richard Beake is a Civil Engineer with a Masters in soil mechanics from Imperial College. In a career spanning over 40 years, He has worked on projects in 20 countries, including civil infrastructure, water and wastewater, petrochemicals, oil and gas, power generation, nuclear power and nuclear decommissioning. For the past six years he has been an independent consultant, written extensively on energy policy and is a Director of General Fusion UK Ltd.

Mon 3rd October 7.30pm Dr Shelley Duncan “The relationship between electrical activity of the brain and behaviour”